Seven Million Bikes is back in Đà Nẵng!


Hosted by local favourite Jazzie Más with two of Saigon’s top comics, Niall Mackay and Tommy Pruchinski 😲
150k Entry


Doors Open; 7.30pm
Show Starts; 8.30pm


Jazzie Más 🇺🇸
Jazzie Más is a fresh faced comic from Los Angeles, currently living as one of the 17 Black people in Da Nang. After getting fired from every English teaching job online she decided to try her luck at comedy and instantly started making waves in Vietnam and Thailand. She placed second in Saigon Heats comedy competition in 2020. Jazzie’s comedy is real, raw, and relatable.


Tommy Pruchinski (USA)
Underemployed & over-educated, Tommy Pruchinski began frequenting stand-up comedy open mics in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, in the summer of 2016. He has since performed for horny backpackers and creepy expats in 7 countries and 4 continents and opened for international headlining comedians like Scott Agnew, Nik Coppin and Eddy Brimson. He’s a lovable reprobate, bursting with energy and a charming stage presence.


Niall Mackay🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Inspired by his comedic hero, Billy Connolly, Niall performs regularly in Vietnam, hosting comedy shows and performing across Saigon. He also hosts the popular English-language podcast, A Vietnam Podcast.
He’ll make you laugh at being a Scotsman abroad, life in Vietnam and anything else in between.
“Niall wins his audiences over with a charming presence and funny jokes and songs! He has a hilarious point of view as an expat and world traveler!”


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