Seven Million Bikes Presents…


The Bubble Comedy Show
Saigon’s Top Comics Burst Into the D7 Bubble!


Come out and support Live Comedy in Saigon.


150k Ticket Only
200k Only+ Free Fuzzy Logic beer (95k at the bar)


Hosted by Craig Craw (SCO)
Craig Craw has roughly 3 and a half years of comedy experience, having performed many times in Thailand, Vietnam and his native Scotland. Before moving down to Saigon, He won the Hanoi leg of the 2020 Vietnam comedy competition with his deadpan and self-deprecating one-liners and witty observations of the world and it’s sub-cultures.


JK Hobson (USA)
“JK Hobson got his start in entertainment playing in the Metal, Punk, and Hardcore scene in the Lower East Side of New York City in the 90’s back when NYC was still dangerous! He moved to Los Angeles in 2000 with his touring band Crisis and landed a record deal, eventually leaving the music biz in 2012. He first hit the stage as a standup comedian in 2013 at Marty’s Open Mic on Hollywood’s iconic Sunset Boulevard on a dare! He performed standup again in 2016 and soon afterwards moved to Vietnam on a Fulbright Scholarship. He began performing regularly in Saigon in 2017, and has been doing so ever since! His caustic brand of humor which is full of takes on race, dating, and a large range of social issues made him a finalist in the Vietnam Comedy Competition, and has taken him all over Vietnam as well as Thailand, Cambodia. He even graced the stage in his hometown of New York City in 2019! “


Niall Mackay (SCO)
Inspired by his comedic hero, Billy Connolly, Niall performs regularly in Vietnam, hosting weekly comedy shows in Saigon and popular podcast, Seven Million Bikes; A Saigon Podcast. He’ll make you laugh at being a Scotsman abroad, life in Vietnam and anything else in between.


“Niall wins his audiences over with a charming presence and funny jokes and songs! He has a hilarious point of view as an expat and world traveler!”
– JK Hobson


Kasey Daye (Canadian)
Kasey is fresh comic, breaking onto the scene after a ten year longing to provide the “ha-ha’s”. You can find her performing stand up at bars and cafes across Ho Chi Minh at open mics. When Kasey is not telling tales about her dysfunctional family and dating life, you can find her demanding extra cheese on her McDonald’s Breakfast or ugly crying over dog videos at the school where she teaches (for now).


Gabriel Villalobos
He’s a stir-fried Latino from Texas. Gabriel has lived in Saigon for 10 years and is a founding member of Comedy Saigon. His comedy is patchwork quilt designed to make him feel better about the harsh realities of sex, animal welfare, robots and our impending political apocalypse. He’s a local favorite in Saigon and has performed in the US, Thailand and Cambodia. He’ll win you over or die on stage trying.



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