As the lockdown in Saigon continues, and grows nationwide, worldwide (!!!), join us every Tuesday for fun and prizes.
“It has really made a difference to my week during this time! I almost feel like I’m at the pub every Tuesday .” Pippa Claire
Entry is 110k.
If you are struggling yourself then you are more than welcome to enter the quiz each week without paying, or donating. Just shoot us a message.
Hosted by Niall Mackay.
110k/ person – Bank details available or PayPal.
Join the Zoom call from 8.15pm, quiz will start at 8.30pm.
6 Rounds of 6 – Questions on a shared screen.
Join on your own, with housemates or family you’re trapped with, or as a socially distanced remote team communicating by walkie talkie or other modern communication device.
Thank you to our amazing prize sponsors!!
1st Prize – Each winning team member a 250k Eddie’s Diner voucher that never expires
2nd Prize – Free Comedy Show Tickets (When we’re open)
3rd Prize – Mask each from Masqd!

Many people struggle to find English entertainment in Vietnam. Seven Million Bikes hosts the popular show A Vietnam Podcast, stand-up comedy and fun events. Have fun, connect with others and share experiences of Vietnam.