Stand Up Comedy Saigon

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As lockdown rages on in Saigon and we’re all stuck at home, we’re hosting the only Vietnam-based online Saigon Comedy Open Mic Night, hosted by Niall Mackay.

We have Zoom Premium so no logging on and off every 40 minutes!!

Whether you want to perform or just watch, join on Zoom to see real people other than your cat, dog, budgie or that same person you’ve been with for weeks now… Socialise, drink, laugh and feel the warmth of human interaction and comedy!

See you there! 🙂

Want to perform?

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– Each performer has 5-7 minutes to do and say whatever you want!

Want to watch?
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For Attendees:
Background Movement – Please do not walk around or drive while attending the event. You are in an audience. Sit still!

Keep your mic on unless there is background noise, then hit Mute and give the “react” button with a “thumbs up” or a “hand clap”.

Heckling – if you interrupt the performer you are heckling, whether you mean to or not. So keep your comments in either the chat box or out loud after the performance.

Comments – You can always leave your positive comments in the chat.

Private Message Concerns – If one of the performer’s sound is not coming through as beautifully as you would like, please don’t make a fuss. Enjoy it in the moment and make the most of the situation. Your negative visual reactions to sound quality will be interpreted by the performer as negative feedback on their performance. Send the host a private message with your questions and concerns and always positively support the performer.

Many people struggle to find English entertainment in Vietnam. Seven Million Bikes hosts the popular show A Vietnam Podcast, stand-up comedy and fun events. Have fun, connect with others and share experiences of Vietnam.