First Generation American, Second Generation Comic

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Erick Garcia; First Generation American, Second Generation Comic

A Vietnam Podcast

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Californian by custom and New Orleanian at heart, Erick Garcia has been performing comedy for 8 years. Starting in New Orleans, he has since performed in Los Angeles and all over Vietnam. He has hosted shows for such acts as Daniel Ray Spaulding, Turner Sparks, Scott Agnew, Kristel Zweers and Garret Millerick.

He was able to snag the runner up spot in the 2019 Vietnam Amateur comedy competition in Saigon and is continuing to build on his craft after recently moving from Hanoi to Saigon.

Traveling throughout Vietnam and taking the stages, Erick Garcia is an American who takes the time to joke about politics, family and his travels through life.

In this episode we cover his journey through comedy, living in Hanoi versus Saigon, leaving your home country and what it means to be a first-generation immigrant of Mexican parents.

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