Founder & Editor of Bliss Saigon

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Edith Giraudo; Founder & Editor of Bliss Saigon

A Vietnam Podcast

Hailing from France, and after living in England, the United States and Germany, Edith first came to Saigon in 1983 for work. Like many visitors here, she instantly fell in love with Vietnam. So much so she would travel a week out of every month to Vietnam for work.

With a background in Art History Edith carved out a career in communications which led to the creation of this very online-magazine. Now with staff from France, Vietnam and Australia and produced in both English and Vietnamese, it is one of the leading lifestyle magazines in Saigon with readers from around the world.

Edith shares in this episode what life was like in Saigon in 1983 and how it compares to a very different city now.


Read Bliss Saigon here!

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