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5 Amazing Saigon Cocktail Bars for Delivery

Can't go out to your favourite bar? You can still get your favourite cocktails!

Here's 5 of our top picks for cocktail delivery in Saigon!

Leave your own favourites in the comments below!

By Niall Mackay, Mischa Smith, AnneSophie Hoffman and Wayne McMahon


Most people visiting Saigon for the first time probably know about the cheap beer, or if they are so inclined the craft beer scene, but wouldn’t expect to find a plethora of cocktail bars.

Traditionally you could expect rice wine or local rum at best, outside of a high end hotel.

Since we arrived in 2016 there has been an explosion in quality cocktail bars, some hidden in places you would never expect to find. Thinking of The ATM Cocktail Bar & Kitchen to name just one. 

And these are not exclusively for expats. Go to one of the best, Layla, on any given night and you will find the majority of the clientele are young Vietnamese. Saigon is a rapidly developing city, both structurally and economically. This can definitely be seen in the continual development and demand for classy cocktails. 

While the following list of bars is by no means exhaustive, and in no particular order, here are 5 of our top picks to help you get your cocktails delivered from in Saigon.

Thanks to our guest contributors who suffered through trials and tribulations sampling these delicious drinks!

None of these bars pay to be featured and we receive nothing in return, but if you do use one because you read this post let them know Seven Million Bikes sent you!

1. Brick & Barrel

I was all set to order from Tyler Maurice Kooy’s Lost & Found bar as I was one of their very first delivery customers from the LAST lockdown in Saigon but found them to be closed on Sundays.
By the time Tyler got back to me about running down to open the doors to make me some, I had already ordered from his other project – Brick & Barrel.
I wanted to try one classic and one signature cocktail and opted for a Negroni and a Pocket Full o’ Sunshine (pictured), respectively. The packaging was very sensible, both cocktails arrived in reusable glass bottles with ice and garnishes packaged separately and everything loaded into B&B’s strong paper bags.
The Negroni was true to style and packed a big boozy (but balanced) punch. You can really screw up a Negroni by getting the volumes just a little bit off – nothing to worry about when ordering from Tyler’s bars. The signature drink was my favourite at B&B’s cocktail launch event, when I tried them all, so was a no-brainer to try again. It travelled immaculately and held up in the bottle over the time it took me to get through the first drink. Not as boozy as the Negroni (not many drinks are!) but the fruit juices in the drink enlivened it, as well as my evening.
On the ordering page, there are notes included as to which cocktails need to be drunk right away (within one hour of service), which is a very thoughtful detail. And next time I order it will definitely be on an evening when I haven’t already sorted my dinner and can also indulge in the awesome and varied food menu from the guys at Brick & Barrel (including BokBok, Con Bo Map, and Mattia’s Pizza). Cheers!

Birdy is a Pham Viet Chanh favourite that many people will be missing while stuck at home. But you don’t have to miss their cocktails that have made it such a popular spot; they delivery exceptionally well. 

As research for this post we ordered two of our favourites, the Negroni and Old Fashioned. Purely for research purposes of course. 

While I’m not as eloquent when describing cocktails as Mischa Smith, above, I can say I was impressed.

As you can see in the picture they were well packaged and what wasn’t pictured is the two sealed bags of large ice cubes to match. Both had the requisite garnish as well. The peanuts were an unexpected bonus, especially for Adrie!

Advertised as 4 drinks from each bottle we were able to get 5 measured drinks, so 500k for ten drinks including delivery was an unbelievable bargain. Both drinks tasted incredible and it was hard to believe we could enjoy our favourite cocktails at home of such quality. 

My only complaint is I want to try the Bloody Mary’s but they don’t open until 4pm. Who wants a Bloody Mary after Noon??


Everyday from 4 pm to 10.30 pm

3. La Fiesta

By Wayne McMahon

As a regular goer/orderer of La Fiesta, it was finally time to try out their frozen margaritas and they did not disappoint. As the thriving metrosexuals that Carey and i are, we obviously went for the strawberry #noshame.

Generous portions and delicious in flavour, La Fiesta’s frozen pitchers are everything you would expect and more. We went from two calm friends enjoying some burritos to two drunk obnoxious idiots blasting tunes and demolishing jalapeno poppers. Mission accomplished.

In all seriousness, if you haven’t tried La Fiesta’s pitchers you need to do so ASAP because they’re as big and tasty as their food. And if you haven’t tried their food, then get yourself out from underneath that f***ing rock you’ve been living in and order some tacos.


La Fiesta don’t work with Grab, Now, Foody or anyone else for delivery. order directly below, or call 0944291697. Delivery fees range from 30-50k depending on location. 

La Fiesta use empty tequila bottles as much as possible for delivery, but sometimes have to use reusable plastic Bottles.

You can order from the D1 (094 429 16 97) or D7 (094 890 14 65) or order through the pages below directly.

4. Flying Pig Saigon

By Niall Mackay

If you are craving a Frozen Margarita in Thao Dien, Flying Pig will bring it to your door still cold, fresh and delicious!
They might not be the first bar you’d think of when wanting to order a takeaway frozen Marg, but I can 100% recommend these.
Last week ours was delivered quickly and direct by Duy in the glass bottle just as pictured. We drank ours too quickly to take any of our own!
🍋 Classic Frozen Margarita
500ml 150,000 | 1000ml 275,000
🥭🍓 Mango/Strawberry Frozen Margarita
500ml 175,000 | 1000ml 325,000
* Delivery in Thao Dien
* Draft beers and other cocktails are available too. Call or text us to place order !
📍 Xuan Thuy, Thao Dien, D.2
⏰ Daily 10am – 10pm
☎️ 028 22536778 | Truc 0903 61 0932 ( WhatsApp)

5. Rhum Belami

Master Distiller & Mixologist Roddy Battajon, doesn’t own or manage a bar but he distributes his rhum to many places and he is ofter invited as a guest mixologist. Roddy is French and makes his own 100% Vietnamese rhum. 

The rhum is aged in oak barrel with no glycerin. My husband, Yann has been drinking this rhum for 2 years now; it has a strong passion fruit smell and taste, it is delicious.

Yann only drinks it on the rocks, with a cigar in his other hand. And when we go on vacation, we always bring a flask of Rhum Belami with us. I remember Roddy told us he lets the fruits infuse in the barrel, before removing it, and then adding the alcohol which is gonna “drink” the Passion fruits flavors from the oak barrel. I have to say, it is too strong for me, I only take a sip but I like the smell!

The survival kit for cocktail lovers has weekly signature drinks, imagined and crafted by Roddy.

Qt: 120 ml Abv: 35% Size :S

1 kit 160.000 VND

7 days Kit 1.000.000 VND (+gifts)🎁

Look out for future posts with our 5 delivery picks for beer, coffee and more!

Leave your favourites in the comments below!


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