The Wrong Side Of Hollywood

Learning a new software like Descript can be so frustrating when you are used to using other programs like Logic Pro, it was quite a steep learning curve and I had spent hours trying to figure out how to do what I wanted to do.

It felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall!

After just a 1 hour online call with Niall I was able to quickly make the adjustments that had been confounding me since I started using Descript.

I learned keyboard shortcuts to assign a speaker and extend said speaker to cover the correct waveform among other things.

To anyone thinking of working with Seven Million Bikes Podcasts… What are you waiting for? Niall knows his stuff and can easily instruct you no matter where you are in the world.

It was a pleasure working with Niall. I highly recommend engaging his services. And he’s Scottish, so that’s a plus!

James E. Mastroianni – The Wrong Side Of Hollywood

James & Martin are two Brits who grew up in North London. Now, years later find themselves stuck living next door to each other in North Hollywood. Having had varying degrees of success in the film and television industry, the bitter pair will share their experiences of what it’s like being a foreigner living and working in Tinsel Town. They interviewing more successful notables and discussing everything from fish and chips to things that just utterly wind them up.

Recently James was having massive problems editing his podcast and vented his frustration on Facebook. Founder of Seven Million Bikes Podcasts, Niall, reached out to James and offered a coaching call.

Despite the time difference between LA and Vietnam where James and Niall are based they were able to connect online and through James sharing his screen Niall was able to talk him through his issues and help him with Descript.

If you want to book a coaching call on Descript to save you hours of time, pain and frustration then get in touch.