Strijdende Onderneemsters

Just adding music to my intro and editing text was such a challenge. I was horribly frustrated!
Working with Niall from Seven Million Bikes Podcasts was so easy, and Niall was so patient.
Immediately after our coaching session I edited 2 podcasts that morning. This was more than I had done in 2 days!
If you need help on Descript definitely call him!

Lotte Bink-Voskes, Strijdlust

The recent coaching session with Lotte Bink-Voskes, the host of another Strijdende Onderneemsters, sheds light on the Niall’s dedication to helping others overcome challenges in the podcasting world.

Lotte expressed her initial frustration with tasks like adding music to her intro and editing text on the Descript Users Facebook group. These seemingly simple tasks became significant hurdles for her. However, Niall’s expertise and patient guidance during the one-hour coaching session proved transformative. Lotte remarked on the ease of working with Niall, highlighting his patience throughout the process.

The impact of the coaching session was immediate, as Lotte was able to edit two podcasts in a single morning, a feat that had previously taken her two days. This success not only showcases the effectiveness of Seven Million Bikes Podcasts’ coaching but also speaks to Niall’s ability to simplify and streamline the podcasting process for others.

Lotte’s enthusiastic recommendation to “definitely call him” for Descript help reflects the trust and satisfaction she gained from the coaching session. Seven Million Bikes Podcasts continues to serve as a valuable resource, not just for its own content but also for empowering and assisting fellow podcasters in navigating the intricacies of podcast production.