Local & Qualified

Learning how to use Descript to edit my podcast was a massive challenge for me. I could not figure out how to do what I needed for the life of me. I even spent hours watching YouTube videos. 

Niall helped me resolve the issues I was facing with Descript editing in just a 1 hour coaching call. 

Niall was great to work with. Give them a try if you’re on the fence and need support on using Descript.

Vince Watkins, Local & Qualified CEO

Local & Qualified is a prominent digital marketing agency headquartered in Lexington, SC, with a nationwide reach. The company is dedicated to helping businesses succeed by providing a wide range of digital marketing services.

They were having problems using Descript – mostly how to combine the audio and video files together and then turn them into one project.

Vince booked a 1 hour coaching call with Niall and he was able to coach him over a video call how to solve these problems and more.

If you need help with Descript of anything podcast related then book a call today!