Birth Education Center

Care Messer, the driving force behind the Birth Education Centre, is a passionate entrepreneur, childbirth educator, and doula who understands the critical need for informed and empowered birthing experiences. Her dedication to reshaping the narrative surrounding childbirth and maternal health is evident in her forthcoming podcast, which promises to be more than just another source of birth education.

Recognizing the flaws within our current maternal healthcare system, Care Messer seeks to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their birthing experiences. Her mission is clear: to break free from the patriarchal structures that have led to rising cesarean rates and maternal and infant mortality rates, putting profit over the well-being of families.

In collaboration with Seven Million Bikes Podcasts, Care is taking a proactive step towards spreading this vital message. The coaching call with Seven Million Bikes Podcasts undoubtedly enabled her to harness the power of podcasting to reach a broader audience, educate, and advocate for change.

This podcast isn’t just about childbirth; it’s about creating a platform for discussions on connection, finding one’s voice, and sharing birth stories that matter. Care Messer’s commitment to changing the narrative surrounding birth aligns perfectly with the Seven Million Bikes Podcasts ethos of helping podcasters make a meaningful impact.

Together, they are poised to make a significant difference in the world of childbirth education and advocacy. Stay tuned for a podcast that promises to inform, empower, and transform birthing experiences for the better.

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