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5 Amazing Places for Beer Delivery

Can't go out to your favourite bar? You can still get your favourite beer delivered in HCMC!

Here's 5 of our top picks for beer delivery in Saigon!

Leave your own favourites in the comments below!

By Niall Mackay


I am a craft beer enthusiast, not a craft beer snob. I don’t have a beard, flat cap (ok I did have a flat cap!), I can’t tell you what hops are being used in a beer, and I’ll happily drink a Tiger. Ok maybe not “happily”, but if needs must. A Huda with ice on a hot day has a purpose.

In my early twenties, I started drinking Belgian beer, then Little Creatures and Coopers in Australia, since then I’ve always preferred a tasty beer whether it’s an IPA, Pale Ale, Stout or Hefeweizen over a mainstream beer. Obviously, I was not alone – with craft beer exploding worldwide during this time.

As a resident of Wellington, New Zealand in 2011, My wife Adrie and I watched with excitement as the craft beer scene grew exponentially in front of our eyes. It was a shock to the system when we came to Vietnam in 2015 and had a ‘ba ba ba’ (333). Though, at 10 NZ cents a beer, it definitely helped dampen the impact. We quickly got used to the local beer, with ice, but were beyond excited when we were introduced to the recently opened Pasteur Street Brewing Co. According to several people who had been residents before the craft beer explosion in Saigon, finding a Heineken was considered a treat!

Craft Beer Enthusiast (not snob!)

Not any more. Since then, craft beer in Vietnam has followed a similar trend to what we saw in New Zealand. More breweries, more beer, more range, amazing quality and more demand. From the early days of Pasteur, Platinum and Fuzzy Logic, it is continuing to grow and grow, so much so this is not the place to list all the craft beer breweries available in Vietnam.

During this 4th wave, like so many other industries, breweries are being hard-hit again, restricted to deliveries only. While we’re stuck at home all day, and know we should be doing yoga videos and starting a new project or hobby, if you’re anything like me you spend most of your time pouring over Facebook wondering where you are going to get your next meal and beer delivered from. 

There are so many amazing options to choose from – it is a daunting task!

While the following list of breweries is by no means exhaustive , and in no particular order, here are 5 of our top picks to help you get your beer delivered from in Saigon.

None of these breweries pay to be featured, but if you do use one let them know Seven Million Bikes sent you!

1. Fuzzy Logic Brewing Co.

Fuzzy Logic was one of the first craft breweries in Vietnam and was established in 2014. It was named after the washing machine parts used to make the first batches of beer.

Their anniversary date coincides with the opening of the skate park at Saigon Outcast in Ho Chi Minh City where Fuzzy Logic’s Pale Ale was first commercially sold to help support the building of the skate ramp. In 2019, they sponsored Saigon Outcast again to help it upgrade the ramp into a skate bowl.

Additionally, their Pale Ale has been a staple; recently, however, their range has expanded greatly to include Hefeweizen, John Lemon Hard Lemonade, Hop Baby Double IPA and the award-winning Thunderslap IPA, amongst others. Not only did it win best IPA in Vietnam, it is also a celebration of women’s empowerment. Hence the name and artwork. That story is for another time.

Awesome beers and an awesome team, Fuzzy Logic have been sponsoring Seven Million Bikes events since the beginning, but without bias, they produce some of my favourite beers and are definitely worth a delivery. Check out the Double IPA Hop Baby! Or if you want something a bit lighter the Celestial Blonde is for you.


Free delivery in HCMC and Hanoi

5% off a 12-Pack

10% off a 24-Pack.

You can mix and match from their lineup.

Order Direct

Pasteur Street is one of the O.G.’s of craft breweries here, a trailblazer for the scene, it introduced good beer that showcases local ingredients like jasmine, passion fruit and chocolate. Now it can be found nationwide in bars, bottle shops and convenience stores. You can also get your fix in Malaysia, Cambodia and Singapore, if the borders ever open that is. Or if you already live there!

The first craft beer I ever tried in Vietnam was their Jasmine IPA, which is also now their flagship beer for a very good reason, and still one of my go-to beers here. My personal favourites are the Mango Lager (RIP – bring it back!) and Pomelo IPA. Popular beers available year-round include the Passion Fruit Wheat Ale, Double IPA (All Day!!), God Water and Nitro Irish Stout.

They routinely have seasonal beers available so ask about them too. 

From a small, but loud, taproom on Pasteur Street that is still there to this day, to a brewery with  four taprooms across Saigon and Hanoi, its got to be one of the best!!!  


Free six-pack if you don’t get your delivery in 30 minutes


👉 Free 6-pack Cans or Bottles when ordering any 24 bottles/cans for delivery.

👉 Free shipping for orders above 200k and within a 5km radius of the closest Taproom.

👉 Discount 20% on Takeaway orders.

☎️ Please order here or from our Hotline: 0909 899 812 or Facebook Page!

*regular bottles & cans only, no growlers or food

**30 minutes begins at the completion of the order

3. BiaCraft Artisan Ales

Our first trip to Thao Dien was to visit BiaCraft (Pictured in 2016) -then a literal hole in the wall with delicious beer. For anyone who has been recently, you’ll know it’s now a beer behemoth on the Saigon scene with four locations spread out across the city and the Thao Dien location now unrecognisable from the hole in the wall it once was. Still in the same location on Xuan Thuy, albeit much bigger. 

Similarly with their range of beers, both their own and from other breweries, with 30 beers on tap at every taproom, except D3… where they have 50! 

One of the best things about BiaCraft is getting a Crowler! Beer direct from the tap into a can for takeout or delivery, giving you the freshest beer possible! They can put anything in a can but recommend buying beer packaged by the brewer if it’s available for longer shelf life.

They have something for everyone. From a Crush Ale to Double IPA, and everything in between, it would be nearly impossible to not find a beer, or cider, or even Mead, that you would like!


Buy 5 get 1 free on BiaCraft beer cans. Get some delicious foods & craft beer cans delivered to your doorstep.

To order, visit or call, message 070.306.0247!

4. BiaShop

BiaShop, an offshoot of distributor Beervana, is a relatively new addition on the scene, catering the craft beer lovers in D7. 

‘We strive to bring together every craft beverage in Vietnam under one roof. We like to say it’s the biggest little bottle shop in Saigon! Bringing good people and great beer together is what we do! Craft beer equals community.”

If you haven’t tried MixTape Peaches and Cream then make sure you add this to your list from their massive selection. 


50% off when you bring your own growlers

15% off delivery

5. Winking Seal Beer CO.

Of the O.G. breweries, Winking Seal was one of the later entries to the craft beer scene back in 2016. They acquired fellow brewery Three On A Bike Brewing Co. in 2017 and have now added an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic-bottled water with BeWater and have Sundowner, a Hard Seltzer coming out soon.

While they don’t have the biggest range available, it’s varied enough that you’ll find something you like whether it’s the Năm Năm Năm Cream Ale, Lemongrass Blonde ale (a surprising 6.1%) or something a bit stronger, like the Bohemian Bastard IPA. One of its beers, Baby Fatso Dry Stout, probably makes me laugh the most. 

Out of all the breweries, they are currently offering the most enticing deal – 50% off their core range + free delivery in HCMC.


50% off when you order direct

Look out for future posts with our 5 delivery picks for coffee, cocktails and more!

Leave your favourites in the comments below!


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