Blue Dragon Founder Shares His Inspiring Story of Starting a Charity in Vietnam

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A Vietnam Podcast

A Vietnam Podcast

Episode 8 – Michael Brosowski

*TRIGGER WARNING* In this episode, at 51 minutes we talk about the work that Blue Dragon does to prevent sexual abuse of children. If this is a trigger or uncomfortable for you please stop listening before this time.


Michael Brosowski is the founder and co-CEO of Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, a charity that helps street kids and rescues victims from slavery and human trafficking in Vietnam.

Michael moved to Saigon in 2002. Unlike many expats who came to Vietnam for only a short time and found themselves here for a lot longer, Michael came to Vietnam with a purpose and a reason. From the small country town in Australia of Inverell in north west NSW, as a teenager Michael met a family of Vietnamese refugees who had settled in the town. He immediately realised how sheltered he was, despite his own poor upbringing. 

After graduating as an ESL teacher, when he decided he wanted to travel overseas it was obvious where he wanted to go.

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