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A Vietnam Podcast

A Vietnam Podcast

Episode 6 Part 2 – Nickie Tran

Nickie Tran, a fish-sauce American, worked for a major chip manufacturer in the U.S. before becoming an “accidental chef”.

We talked so much this episode has been split into two parts. 

In Part two we discuss how Nicki doesn’t use the term Viet Kieu to describe herself and does not like the term; “I think when that term was created it didn’t mean well.” She would rather be framed as an American, “I personally just don’t like that term”.

We discuss the recent increase of attacks on people of Asian origin in the U.S. and how even some people won’t recognise the problem in their own community until it happens to them. 

Finally, we talk about how that drunken decision one night to open another restaurant led to her being Netflix and a ‘celebrity chef’! “I was lucky! I didn’t even know how to cook Vietnamese food very well” Nicki candidly admits.

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