Season 6

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Niall and Ilse instantly click and are both super goofy, joking about her name, accent and even Niall’s dead grandmother. We even find a mutual appreciation for the TLC channel.

Micka Chu is a Russian French MC, Actress and media personality in Vietnam.

She speaks 5 languages and participates regularly in major Vietnamese National TV shows.

Tony Fornaro is an extroverted introvert, who has been living in Saigon since the end of 2019. He came with a partner which unfortunately ended so is now trying to navigate Saigon solo.

AnneSophie Hoffman is a French-Canadian Singer, Vocal Coach & Director who has sung in front of audiences world-wide.

She shares interesting, scathing and hilarious insights into being French, French-Canadian and French in Vietnam.

Lâm Vissay is a well known German actor, singer-songwriter and filmmaker who’s recently written and directed his 4th short film.

He moved to Germany when he was only 4 years old, his parents being boat people, fleeing Vietnam.

Nickie Tran worked became an “accidental chef”, after a drunken night changed her life. 

This led to appearing on three Netflix shows, Ugly Delicious, Somebody Feed Phil & Street Food.

Brooklyn-based Sahra Nguyen has set out to change that perception and is on a mission to transform the coffee industry through diversity, inclusion, and transparency.

Founder and co-CEO of Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. He moved to Saigon in 2002. Unlike many expats, Michael came to Vietnam with a purpose and a reason. *TRIGGER WARNING*

Camille Ink a French tattoo artist, from the North West of France, has recently found herself in Ho Chi Minh City where she is sharing her passion for tattooing.

The final guest of Season 6, Tuấn Lê, is the director of several unique cultural shows in Vietnam, including Lang Toi – My Village, À Ố Show and Teh Dar.

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