Niall and Ilse instantly click and are both super goofy, joking about her name, accent and even Niall’s dead grandmother. We even find a mutual appreciation for the TLC channel.

Micka Chu is a Russian French MC, Actress and media personality in Vietnam.

She speaks 5 languages and participates regularly in major Vietnamese National TV shows.

Tony Fornaro is an extroverted introvert, who has been living in Saigon since the end of 2019. He came with a partner which unfortunately ended so is now trying to navigate Saigon solo.

AnneSophie Hoffman is a French-Canadian Singer, Vocal Coach & Director who has sung in front of audiences world-wide.

She shares interesting, scathing and hilarious insights into being French, French-Canadian and French in Vietnam.

Lâm Vissay is a well known German actor, singer-songwriter and filmmaker who’s recently written and directed his 4th short film.

He moved to Germany when he was only 4 years old, his parents being boat people, fleeing Vietnam.

Episode 6 - Nickie Tran

Nickie Tran worked became an “accidental chef”, after a drunken night changed her life. 

This led to appearing on three Netflix shows, Ugly Delicious, Somebody Feed Phil & Street Food.

A Vietnam Podcast

Episode 7 - Sahra Nguyen


Episode 8 - Tuan Le


A Vietnam Podcast

Episode 9 - Liz Peterson


Episode 10 - Michael Brosowski


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