Season 1

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1 - JK Hobson Part 1​

The first every episode of Seven Million Bikes; A Vietnam Podcast.

My first guest on Seven Million Bikes is JK Hobson. As a finalist in the 2018 Vietnam Comedy Competition JK is known by many in Saigon as a stand-up.


1 - JK Hobson Part 2​

We had so much to talk about the first episode was split into two parts.

Growing up in New York, JK moved to LA with his “fairly well known” thrash-metal band, Crisis. JK initially came to Vietnam on a study abroad program in 2015

A Vietnam Podcast

2 - Kim Nguyen

Kim Nguyen moved to the UK as a teenager to study and stayed for 6 years, meeting her husband in the process .

Returning home, Kim has a unique perspective on both living overseas and in Vietnam.

A Vietnam Podcast

Mischa Smith, from Canada, is a regular sight around Saigon as the Sales Director for Pasteur Street Brewing Company.

Mischa started in the craft beer industry in Toronto, Ontario before he packed up and moved to South Korea to teach English for a year that turned into more than five.

A Vietnam Podcast

4 - Sandy Ernst

We talk about life in Atlanta, anti-semitism, racism and being an adoptee. 

We also discuss adoption law in Georgia and the shocking affect this can have on all parties involved. As well as talking about his life in Saigon and the usual questions to finish. 

A Vietnam Podcast

5 - Greg Lea

Greg has what would be for many a dream job – a freelance football journalist.

After moving to Saigon in January Greg planned to stay for only three months, but now going to be staying for the foreseeable future. He was recently featured in The Guardian writing about digital nomads

A Vietnam Podcast

6 - Lewis Wright

Lewis Wright is a talented music producer from the UK who now lives in Saigon,  songs for a Vietnamese audience and Vietnamese artists for an international audience.

He even composed the popular theme music for Seven Million Bikes and is our Producer.

A Vietnam Podcast

7 - Daniel Doan

Daniel was born and raised in Saigon by conservative Northern parents, with his dad having fought for the North before moving South.

Daniel faced the familiar familial pressures that many young people in Saigon face, to study hard and get good grades.

A Vietnam Podcast

8 - Susan Li

Susan Li is one of Fexpats original founders and she’s been really busy the last 6 years in Saigon!

We cover a lot in this episode from the founding of Fexpats, RAD7 and Honey Badger Events to online trolls, dating in Saigon and opening a new bar

A Vietnam Podcast

9 - Lê Minh Tâm

Tâm is the first listener-suggested guest, thanks to regular listener, Brandon Coleman.

Tâm is an entertaining and interesting guest that has an in-depth story and many insights to share about life in Saigon, which can be seen by the length of this episode.

A Vietnam Podcast

10 - Sexy Meat Talks

This is an extra-special Seven Million Bikes; our first ever crossover episode with fellow Saigon-based podcast, Sexy Meat Talks. A massive thank you to Sexy Meat Talk hosts, Joshua Durkin and Mark Gustafson, for being so open and enthusiastic to this collaboration.

A Vietnam Podcast

Bonus - Lars Callieou

Lars Callieou is a touring comedian from Edmonton, Canada.

After watching his show and attending a workshop he put on for local comedians I caught up with Lars at his hotel shortly before he flew back to Canada.

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