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I’m Niall Mackay, founder of Seven Million Bikes Podcasts. 

Seven Million Bikes Podcasts – your one-stop shop to turn your podcast dreams into reality. We offer complete services, from recording and editing to publishing, all with the expertise and speed to get you heard fast.

Seven Million Bikes offers studio-quality recording or remote setups. Our editors polish your recordings for a broadcast-ready sound, all delivered fast. Don’t sacrifice quality for speed – get both with us.

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The Seven Million Bikes Podcasts Story

Before the Pandemic

I’ve been an avid podcast listener since the early 2000s and started podcasting as a hobby in 2019, A Vietnam Podcast which is now in the top 10% of podcasts worldwide. 

I am also a teacher, fundraiser and comedian. I started hosting and running my own comedy shows while working as a corporate social responsibility manager in Saigon, helping underprivileged children gain access to quality education. 

May 2019 was the proudest day of my life when we opened a new school in the Mekong Delta after raising $70,000 in the process to complete the project. 

Fundraising was already underway in 2020 for the next school when the pandemic hit. Lessons quickly went online and as Vietnam shut its borders to the world new teachers couldn’t come in and student numbers dwindled.

The Birth of Seven Million Bikes Podcasts

Unfortunately at the end of 2020, I was told that my contract would not be renewed as the company cut costs while struggling to stay afloat in the midst of the pandemic.

Due to a change in working schedules, I found myself with nothing to do on a Sunday. It was at this moment I decided to take Seven Million Bikes (as it was known then) full-time.  

Initially, in 2019, Seven Million Bikes was an entertainment company, hosting A Vietnam Podcast, comedy shows, music gigs, quiz nights and a second podcast, Did That Really Happen

But as the pandemic raged I faced setback after setback. Finally, I decided to focus on my main passion full-time, podcasting and rebranded to Seven Million Bikes Podcasts.

Since then the company has grown and grown. From editing only, Seven Million Bikes now offers full package podcasting service with clients around the world.

My Team

Niall Mackay

Founder and CEO

Favorite Podcast: The Rest Is Football

Adrie Lopez Mackay

CIO (Chief Ideas Officer)

Favorite Podcast: Psychopedia

Lewis Wright

Music Producer

Favorite Podcast: Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4

Huynh Nguyen

Podcast Production Assistant

Favorite Podcast: Have A Sip



Favorite Podcast: The Leadership Antidote Podcast

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