7 Podcasts To Listen To Right Now – Part 4

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7 Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

In this 7-part Series I’ll share with you podcasts by people who shared their stories on A Vietnam Podcast.

Part 4 is about Conor Kelly from The ComebaCK podcast.

Host Seven Million Bikes

By Niall Mackay

Host of The ComebaCK, Conor Kelly made the brave decision to move to Vietnam to live and work at just 21!  

Who is Conor Kelly?

Conor was interviewed by guest host, Anii Hoang for the first episode of Season 9. With brutal honesty he shares with Anii his battles with mental health and his inspiration to try a new life in Vietnam. 

He was  inspired by his father – a man that had extensively traveled to 15 countries in a year! A 19-year old Conor wanted to gain achievements in his own way – going abroad to discover mysteries of this huge world. 

He prepared for his move, looking for a country that could provide him a suitable job and lifestyle , and Vietnam was the first to pop up on his screen to fit his expectations. At 21, he arrived in Vietnam, planning for a wild 8-month journey that has now been more than 4 years!

Battling anxiety

During his early time here, Conor struggled to make adjustments, and dealt with difficulties everyday, which resulted in mental health issues. But with a strong determination he decided that he couldn’t let his trip to Vietnam fail, picked himself up, and started to have a schedule for his mind! 

“So you’re almost changing your brain chemistry when you do the same thing over and over and over so your brain almost repeats it on habit. And you realize, for example, from a depressed point of view, you just become even more depressed day after day”, he stated as an explanation for his condition. And, Conor found the key to get out of that, doing 10 different things on a normal day. 

A Vietnam Podcast

A Successful Podcaster

Conor is also successful in building a podcast that now has hundreds of episodes with a wide variety of guests – what a dream to aspiring podcasters! His podcast is making an impact with stories from interesting people from different cultures, backgrounds, races, and ages. It can feel like you are traveling the world just listening to voices from 50 different nationalities! 

Conor is planning for a book sharing all of his experiences. Listen to his interview on  A Vietnam Podcast and also on Conor’s own podcasts, I’m sure that like me you will be looking forward to his book to be published very soon! 

Listen to Conor Kelly on A Vietnam Podcast here.

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