7 Podcasts To Listen To Right Now​ – Part 2

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7 Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

In this 7-part Series I’ll share with you podcasts by people who shared their stories on A Vietnam Podcast.

Part 2 is about Micka Chu from The Micka Show podcast.

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By Niall Mackay

A Career In Enterainment

Micka Chu is a busy woman! The Russian-French MC, actress, model, content creator and media personality chose Vietnam to make a career in entertainment. She also appeared on a Vietnam Podcast in Season 6, starting our friendship that continues to this day.

The Micka Show

Proving her versatility with various roles she has now embarked on her latest project, The Micka Show. A podcast and YouTube channel which delves into issues close to her heart, personal development, business, entrepreneurship, leadership and more!

Despite bad luck befalling Micka when she first arrived in Vietnam, losing her luggage, since then she has been on the up and up in her newfound home. She has built a career in the entertainment industry, hosting shows on VTV, a national TV channel here before creating The Micka Show.

Learning Vietnamese

Micka Chu spoke 4 languages before coming to Vietnam, with Vietnamese soon becoming number 5. She has dedicated herself to improving all the time through study and practice. “Sometimes when I’m talking in English I don’t remember the English words, but I remember them in Vietnamese. When you speak many languages it’s an organised mess but it’s good gymnastics for your brain” she tells me on A Vietnam Podcast.

She eats like a local too: properly enjoying “hột vịt lộn”, the unfertilisted duck egg, coconut worms and even going as far to say that durian smells good.

Micka loves speaking, hosting and acting in front of the camera. From a Master’s degree in business to a model, Micka is now a foreign TV star and a famous content creator on different social media platforms, notably Tik Tok where she has over 130,000 followers.

A Vietnam Podcast

Micka Chu on A Vietnam Podcast

“I am blessed to work here in Vietnam ”, she says. Micka is happy that she works on her own inner things, bringing positive vibes and inspiration to people.

Micka will make you giggle and keep you entertained with her fascinating story when you listen to her episode on A Vietnam Podcast. Check out Micka on YouTube, and the show “Nhập gia tùy tục” on Vietnamese television channel VTV3.

And don’t forget to follow the advice she gives on the podcast… don’t kiss as a greeting in Vietnam if you don’t want to get looked at strangely!

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