Overseas Vietnamese Return To Give Back, Even After Losing So Much

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A Vietnam Podcast

Episode 6 - Myke Nguyen

Myke Nguyen is founder and CEO at OMG Talent Group. A serial entrepreneur, he has been operating businesses in Vietnam for nearly 30 years and has cultivated a vast network across multiple industries. He’s an owner and partner of several local companies covering marketing, events, sports, community, education, commercial property and digital transformation.

He returned to Vietnam to coach basketball in 1994 and never looked back.

In this episode Niall and Myke talk about;
🎙His families escape from Vietnam after the fall of Saigon
🎙Talking to his family about this traumatic experience, not remembering it as a 2 year old
🎙The difficulty of starting a new life in the United States with no English, no documentation and no jobs
🎙Why he returned to Vietnam through his love of basketball
🎙Using his contacts, networks and business acumen to give back to Vietnam

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