5 Ways Podcasting Gives You Purpose And Connection

5 Ways Podcasting Gives You Purpose And Connection

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Episode 11 – Conor Kelly

This is an extra special episode at the end of season seven of A Vietnam Podcast. Each month, we are now hosting a networking event for creatives and creators looking to meet like-minded people and share ideas. 

Our second event was hosted by Conor Kelly, who is the founder and host of The ComebaCK Podcast. In this presentation, Conor explains the foundations of The ComebaCK, how to take the hardest step in actually starting a podcast and why podcasting is extremely valuable for purpose and connection. 

The show’s slogan, ‘The comeback beats the setback’, aims to shed light on comeback stories, and how guests have triumphed over adversities faced in their lives. Based in Saigon, Vietnam, the podcast has over 250 interviews from people all over the world, covering themes such as expat life, creative projects and mental health awareness.