Being Born Asian In France, Self Care, Self Development and Overcoming Challenges

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A Vietnam Podcast

Episode 3 - Denise Truong

Denise Truong is the CEO of TYDE consulting and co-representative of Trash Hero Ho Chi Minh City. From coordinator to certified trainer and coach, Denise has acquired the fundamentals of change management. She is certified by IDEO U and HarvardX and trained teams across various industries in Vietnam. She conducts training programs of leadership, communication and management skills.

In this episode Denise and Micka talk about;

🎙Being born Asian in France
🎙Mental health
🎙Self development
🎙Self care
🎙Overcoming challenges
🎙Getting things done

Your host this week is a previous guest and good friend of the show, Micka Chu. Check out her episode in Season 6 here.

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